Jr. Recruiter ( Sacramento, Folsom , San Diego , or Orange County ) REMOTE

Linqm Inc

12 Jul 2021

Linqm Inc


Full Time


1 - 5 years

35000 - 150000 USD

Job Description

LINQM is looking to hire internally as we continue to scale our Internal Workforce. LINQM has grown 321% and tripled our revenue in the past 3 years! We made 2020 Inc 5000 (#1388)  are seeking someone that wants to have an opportunity be a part of a growing company where we work efficiently, smart, and harder than our competition.
The person:

  • Someone that is hungry for more, someone that wants to help business find solutions
  • The right person will want to work hard to grow in their career - we offer quick growth for those that are able to keep up.
  • Someone who has a LinkedIn account, presence and understanding of how to utilize LinkedIn and other professional and social networking tools. 
  • Someone that wants to enter the business world as we have the opportunity to work with multiple companies on multiple positions

The position:

  • This person will spend the bulk of their day on technical platforms researching and messaging local and relevant professionals. You will be responsible for building out networks of talent that our recruiting staff will utilize during their day to day. Supporting one of our leads here locally in the Sacramento area. 
  • Daily will be working with companies and candidates making matches and finding solutions
  • Will be in the office learning from a lead recruiter on multiple positions as they qualify the talent you are sourcing, submitting to companies, setting up interviews, negotiating rates, and getting people on-boarded at our clients.
  • *The goal is your sourcing ability becomes strong and yields results. Pertaining your activity level is high and results are strong, you will be promoted into a Recruiter position and skies the limit.
  • We need someone that has a LinkedIn account that has a strong foundation of networked professionals. 


  • Hourly - Salary Pay
  • Commission - The Recruiters do the work, but you get paid commission on any candidates you sourced that the team is able to place. We always reward hard work and very confident we pay higher commissions than anyone in the industry!
  • Bonuses - Hit quarterly incentive bonus and make an extra $2,500 each quarter you hit it.
  • Profit sharing incentives
  • Full benefits
  • Several company outings annually
  • Remote for now. Flex schedule next year. Business casual working environment, fun environment, opportunity to learn about the best business!!!
  • Company issued laptop (dual screen set up for when you are in the office)
  • Company issued cell phone
  • Flexible work from home/office as needed once you are hitting minimum quota.


  • LINQM, INC. assertively headhunts top talent utilizing professional technical networking platforms/channels, as well as a strategic approach with search engines to find and reach out to larger audiences attracting the typically higher caliber passively seeking candidates in the market we are sourcing.
  • LINQM takes a consultative approach that is built around the Company Culture, Company Structure, and Growth Initiatives for the Company.
  • LINQM has a 4-Step Recruitment Process able to Identify, Match, Qualify, and Present talent within 24 hours from engagement.
  • LINQM involves multiple levels of the organization in each search so the candidate/resource goes through a 4-step Recruitment Process before being presented to the end client.


  • We are nimble and able to work with your Hiring Model; LINQM understands the market conditions continue to change with our clients and we work for you and adapt to your hiring model.
  • Our 4-Step Process allows us to qualify in/out talent that makes sense for your hiring model.
  • Identify – LINQM Talent Acquisition team uses fish net sourcing over multiple digital platforms, building buckets of talent for each skill set and industry
  • Qualify – LINQM Talent Acquisition sorts through the buckets of talent qualifying talent out instead of in by utilizing industry and skill set specific questions, the TA team works with the 10 and 1 rule (for 10 candidates in a bucket we qualify 1 to the requirement)
  • Match – LINQM Talent Acquisition matches the 2 Main WHYs and makes sure they align. Does the Client’s Why Match the Candidate’s Why?
  • Presentation – LINQM Team present the candidate to the client writing a summary of qualification that matches the position, the candidate’s motivation for making a move, 3rd party review, and availability

LINQM was developed with the idea of “linqing” exceptional companies with top qualified professionals through a modern approach.

  • The LINQM team focuses on creating a long-term partnership with our clients. We work closely to learn important factors beyond compensation, including culture and benefits.
  • A number of our clients have made the top 10 on lists such as Best Places to Work and Fastest Growing Private Companies.
  • This allows us to strongly believe in the incredible opportunity we are presenting both active and passive job seekers.
  • At LINQM we are focused and detailed.
  • It’s engraved in our company culture that we find the right professional and never wait for them to find us.
  • LINQM’S Methodology: LINQM strives to target all potential employees.
  • We are unconventional in that we use a modern approach to speak with all potentials currently holding a similar role, regardless if they are advertised as seeking a new opportunity.
  • New web based platforms and applications have created an opportunity to reach larger audiences quickly and effectively.
  • LINQM has dedicated time and resources to train our recruiters on becoming the experts at these new technologies in order to connect and network with the absolute best talent.
  • Communication is key.
  • Time is money and our methods require extensive conversations with potential employees to ensure we only submit top-notch professionals with proper expectations.

If interested and qualified send your information to Jessica.holzer@Linqm.com
Hourly 15.00/hr + commissions and bonuses 

Entry level opportunity