Contracts Assistant


25 Sep 2020



LINQM is looking to add a Contracts Assistant to the team. 

Duties: Job Functions - Create contracts in the ECLM program - Onboard suppliers in COUPA - Track invoices, charge backs, and payments related to vendor contracts - File and maintain vendor contracts  - Perform basic administrative tasks that may include meeting support, scheduling, mailing, printing, office supply ordering, filing and other tasks as needed.

Level of Independence - Close and continuing supervision - Applies his or her knowledge in following procedures or in determining which procedures to follow or determining whether specified standards are met - Considers the cause and effect of activities - Unusual questions are handed off to the supervisor to address and handle (as opposed to the employee continuing to have responsibility) - Events not covered by procedures/instructions are referred to supervisor for disposition (as opposed to the employee continuing to have responsibility) - Supervisor reviews progress and results for thoroughness

Skills: Must have skills:

1. Contract experience

2. COUPA experience

3. Ability to work independently and be proactive 4. MINIMUM 1 year of relevant work experience

- Demonstrated high proficiency in and strong knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word and Excel, ECLM and COUPA - Good communication and interpersonal relationship skills - Strong attention to detail - Adhere to all EHS rules and requirements and take adequate control measures in preventing injuries to themselves and others as well as to the protection of environment and prevention of pollution under their span of  influence/control


Education: H.S. Diploma or equivalent required. Some college education or substantial related experience in lieu of required education with minimum 1 year experience, including working in a team and office environment.