Embedded Engineer

San Diego

24 Sep 2020

San Diego


LINQM is engaged to help a stealth mode company find their Embedded Firmware Engineer to help them get to the next stop on their insane trajectory. This position is ideally suited to a candidate who is self-motivated and excited by a startup environment where opportunity to rise to frequent and diverse challenges is commonly encountered.

The role will start remote, but must be able to commute when the time is right (2 days a week maybe).

We would love to connect today and get you started if this works!

For the position:

Working with your team to architect, design, and develop embedded controls for sophisticated instrumentation.

Primary responsibilities for this position are to generate firmware requirements/specifications and to design/develop/test embedded code for new, custom, and existing biotechnology products. As part of a small and dynamic team, the candidate will be capable of multi-disciplinary contribution, i.e., participate in the definition and design of optical/electrical/mechanical subsystems.


  • Develop embedded firmware to control motion, fluidics, temperature, and imaging hardware.
  • Work closely with other members of the R&D team with expertise in biochemistry, optics/physics, micro-fluidics, signal processing and engineering
  • Translate high level design requirements and specifications into detailed requirements, specifications, prototypes, and final products
  • Working with other engineers and scientists; design, test, evaluate and conduct iterative improvement on prototype systems leading toward released products
  • Develop test plans, product and technical documentation
  • Directly support the R&D process; instrumentation and chemistry development


  • BS/MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or comparable accredited technical degree and a minimum of 5 years of real-time embedded systems experience
  • Proven expertise in firmware development (C/C++) for RTOS applications
  • Developing, implementing, and debugging standard embedded interfaces (SPI, I2C, UART, CAN, USB, Ethernet, etc.), memory (FLASH, EEPROM, etc.), and communications between devices (RS-232/485, Ethernet, CAN, etc.)
  • Ability to capture, negotiate, decompose and derive formal firmware/system requirements
  • Ability to read and interpret schematics
  • Ability to diagnose and debug common and uncommon system level issues
  • Ability to write code/firmware for microcontroller targets
  • Familiarity with control systems (PID, closed loop control)
  • Familiarity using software test/development tools (JTAG, MCUXpresso, etc.)
  • Experience with common lab equipment (power supplies, DMMs, oscilloscopes, logic/protocol analyzers)
  • This position requires soft skills to be part of a cross functional team, with excellent written & oral communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced and dynamic team environment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ability to write code targeting ARM based real time systems
  • Experience with FPGA development
  • Experience with firmware development for biomedical instrumentation
  • Expertise with analog and digital hardware, motion and temperature control, fluidics, and optics