Machine Learning (ML) Engineer


10 Sep 2021



Seeking a remote Machine learning (ML) engineer for a leading AI, deep learning, and machine learning startup that is in hypergrowth phase.  This position comes with a competitive salary + equity component. 

We are looking for a Machine learning (ML) engineer with broad experience and knowledge in machine/deep learning and computer vision. You will be working on cutting-edge problems in building ML models.


  • Strong coding skills in Python using scientific libraries like NumPy, SciPy.
  • Experience with one or more deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, Tensorflow, or Keras is a must.
  • Experience with training deep neural networks on large-scale datasets.
  • Understanding of data structures, software design principles, and algorithms.
  • Interest in building machine learning models that assist veterinarians
  • Deep knowledge of traditional ML concepts and boosting as well as more recent deep learning fundamentals.


  • MSc or PhD in CS/CE/EE (or equivalent) with an emphasis in machine learning and computer vision.