Junior Recruiter ( Talent Acquisition Specialist ) In office in Folsom


06 Mar 2023


Full Time


2 years

32000 - 43000 USD

LINQM is looking to hire internally as we continue to scale! We are a repeat Inc 5000 (#1388, #3544)  and are seeking someone that wants to have an opportunity be a part of a growing company where we work efficiently, smart, and harder than our competition.


  • Someone that is assertive, motivated, and wants to help business find solutions.
  • The right person will want to work hard to grow in their career - we offer quick growth for those that are able to keep up.
  • Someone that is LinkedIn savvy, has a presence and understanding of how to utilize LinkedIn and other professional and social networking tools. Ability to get out volume!
  • Someone that wants to enter the business world as we have the opportunity to work with multiple companies and professionals. 

*This person should be disciplined to work independently. We put trust in our employees to get it done and hit the numbers needed to be successful. We do not micro-manage and we don't care about how many hours you put in your day to day. Linqm is a results driven organization. Top producer mentality that is motivated to hit big numbers and hit personal and professional goals will do very well within our infrastructure. 

The position:

  • This person will spend the bulk of their day on  platforms researching and messaging local and relevant professionals to our target audiences. You will be responsible for building out networks of talent that our Sr level staff will utilize during their day to day. 
  • Daily will be working with companies and candidates making matches and finding solutions.
  • Will be learning from our lead/manager/VP level team members on multiple positions as they qualify the talent you are sourcing, submitting to companies, setting up interviews, negotiating rates, and getting people on-boarded at our clients.
  • The goal is your sourcing ability becomes strong and yields results. Pertaining your activity level is high and results are strong, you will be promoted into a position with full sourcing and recruiting responsibilities. Plenty of room for growth into full desk production (Sourcing, Recruiting, Account Management, Sales).


  • Hourly / Salary compensation
  • Commission - You will be paid commission on any candidates you sourced that the team is able to place. We always reward hard work and it's likely we pay higher all in compensation than anyone in the industry! *We can do this because the C-levels are also full desk producers!  No cap to commissions - skies the limit. 
  • Bonuses - Once in a recruiter seat, if you hit quarterly incentive bonus and make an extra $2,500 each quarter you hit it. 
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Several company outings annually
  • REMOTE once you show profitability. Starting out, we require in office time so you can learn from leadership and peers. Once your run rate showcases in the positive, you have the option to continue to come into the office or have a hybrid or even 100% remote schedule. Business casual working environment, fun environment, opportunity to learn about the best businesses!!!
  • Company issued laptop (dual screen set up for when you are in the office)
  • Company issued cell phone 
  • Desk, chair, addiitonal equipment for home office as needed.


  • LINQM, INC. assertively headhunts top talent utilizing professional technical networking platforms/channels, as well as a strategic approach with search engines to find and reach out to larger audiences attracting the typically higher caliber passively seeking candidates in the market we are sourcing.
  • LINQM takes a consultative approach that is built around the Company Culture, Company Structure, and Growth Initiatives for the Company.
  • LINQM has an exceptional Recruitment Process able to Identify, Match, Qualify, and Present talent within 24 hours from engagement.
  • LINQM involves multiple levels of the organization in each search so the candidate/resource goes through a multiple step Recruitment Process before being presented to the end client.

If interested and qualified send your information to [email protected] / [email protected]