Product Development Manager (hard goods)

Carlsbad San Diego

30 Aug 2021

Carlsbad San Diego

Full Time


4 - 10 years

90000 - 120000 USD

One of the fastest-growing DTC companies in San Diego and expanding it's product line into multiple growing markets (YouTube/Content Creation, eSports & Online Gaming/Streaming, Video Conference/WFH products, and more). This role is responsible for managing the companies product roadmap and for overseeing the execution of that strategy. This role reports directly to the CEO. 

The responsibilities include:
· Leads development and execution of product vision, product strategy, product design, product development, product sourcing and product marketing. 
· Drives every element of the product from its conceptualization to its launch and post-launch performance. 
· Ensures the building of great product that provides sustainable value in terms of revenue and profits for the business.

Leadership/Supervisory Role: 
· Build a long-term product team in alignment with company growth plans that is inclusive of Product Management, Product Design, Product Development (Sourcing), Product Analytics and Product Marketing. 
· Create a dynamic and sustainable work environment that pulls in and retains people talent.
· Leads the transformation of product ideas into actionable concepts, timelines, and projects while maintaining a serious consideration of the financial implications, marketing needs, and the overall objectives of the business. 
· Manage the day-to-day execution of all product activities for the purpose of meeting the product and business’s goals.

Vision and Strategy: 
· Spearhead the product strategy / roadmap formation as well as execution. Create and manage a process that drives toward a scalable product portfolio that will in turn drive the business’s product profitability. 
· Ensures continuous improvement in the product as well as the product’s compliance to market needs wrapped in a product experience that continuously and consistently delights the consumers.
· Leads the identification of target consumer segments and markets. 
· Evaluate and measure market trends, product industry, and competition strategies.

Marketing and Evangelism: 
· Coordinates the functions of product design, product maintenance, and product improvement with Marketing Communications to optimize conferences, events, demos, press, and launches. 
· Interact directly with current and prospective consumers in an effort to relay to them the product’s value and benefits while simultaneously sourcing feedback and assessing their reception and experience with the product

A full compensation package is provided including a base salary, and an annual bonus based on company achievement of goals, and an annual bonus based on personal performance. The company pays 100% of the premium cost for a full benefits package for the employee and provides additional coverage for family members. The company also offers an Unlimited PTO plan for all employees and a flexible work schedule for salaried employees.